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Juan Antonio SimarroThe composer and music producer is a lecturer of music education by the Complutense University Madrid. He has studied theory, choral direction, history of music, cello as well as piano under Pedro Rabasco, harmony with Antonio Zamorano, contemporary harmony, and improvisation and jazz with Jose Luís Valderrama and Joshua Edelman.
He has also received tuition in piano technique from Ubaldo Díaz Acosta, music production from Paco Trinidad and Michel Martín, composing music for cinema from Trevor Jones, Stephen Warbek and Martin Ramskin. He attended master classes run by Brian Fernyhough and also workshops on production, composition and interpretation and now he is studying orchestral conducting with maestro Navarro Lara, obtaining the diplomas Licentiate in Orchestral Conducting and Band Conducting of the Royal Schools of Music, London (ABRSM).
Among his symphonic works, the ballets “El Equilibrista” and “La Malaventura” stand out: issued as a CD and broadcast live on TVE Television by the channel’s orchestra in 2006; other highlights include the “Quartet for strings nº 1”, various pieces and Overtures also premiered on television, on film and in the theatre such as “Sueño nº 1”, “Sueño nº 2” and “Sueño nº 3”. One of his Overtures was premiered on the end of year gala for Tele 5 Television in 2001.

His works have received performances by leading orchestras such as the Symphony Orchestra of Prague, the RTVE (Radio Television) Orchestra of Spain,The Moscow State Radio Television Symphony Orchestra, the Neotonarte String Orchestra, the “Ensemble Nacional” and by instrumentalists such as the cellist Iñaki Etxepare or the violinist Ara Malikian, Jacqueline Wedderburn-Maxwell, Nazary Pylatyuk,etc . These compositions have been heard in various auditoria such as the National Auditorium (Madrid), el “Teatro Monumental” (Madrid), the Sala Manuel de Falla (Madrid),Meridian Center (Moscow) or the Teatro Euskalduna (Bilbao).

As a performer Juan Antonio has played in the “Palau de la Música” (Barcelona), the Auditorium of Palma de Mallorca and the National Auditorium (Madrid) and he currently is organizing a tour that will see concerts in Madrid, Moscow, New York and the Ukraine during which he will perform compositions for piano, string quartet and orchestra featured on his next CD, out in September 2013.

audiovisualesHe has worked for the main Spanish TV channels making compositions and musical productions, such as TV1 regional news broadcasts, TVE (Spanish Television) corporate image on its 50th anniversary, Telecinco Campaign Doce meses, doce causas and Julia Otero’s programme Entrevista a la Carta for TVE. Furthermore, he has been in charge of the music in such successful programmes as Big Brother, Survivors, Popstars, Hell’s Kitchen (Telecinco), El Programa de Ana Rosa, Sabor a ti (Antena 3), Dónde estas corazón, Noche de fiesta (TVE), and Shalakabula (Telemadrid).

He has also worked as a musical director and composer for Microteatro’s play Tres Deseos Sr. Presidente, as well as composing and performing the musical adaptation for Face to Face Theatre Company’s play Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

In publicity, he has worked for Día Supermarket on its 15th anniversary, for Coca Cola with the Spanish bands Greta y los Garbo and Sacyr-Vallehermoso…

In 2005, along with Alberto Martín and Gustavo Porta, he set up the recording studio Marditos Roedores Producciones Multimedia Ltd. Along with them he has composed the music for short films such as La salchicha (with the participation of Enrique San Francisco), or El Niño de Alambre by Roberto Carrasco.

Among the different film soundtracks he has worked for, we can mention New Dominican Yorker by Daniel Melguizo, The Land Of The Lapping Death by Roberto Carrasco, the documentary Obsesión 42.195 by Alberto Martín and Roberto Carrasco, and the recently released Diamantes Negros by Miguel Alcantud. Along with Alberto Martín, he has also produced the song La ciudad te está hablando, by Barón Ya Buk-lu and El Chojín, for the soundtrack of Juan Madrid’s film Tánger.

As director of Analógica Producciones Ltd, he creates and produces musical and audiovisual contents. Among his projects we can find: the especial programmes about Queen Sofía, for Antena 3 (Spanish Television), the original idea and script of the video book Maca Belda, for, the video clips Tengo que conocerte, by Raúl Morgado, for Telecinco, as well as his own projects, such as Lucas, in which he is working with Telecinco (Spanish Television), and the song How Can I Say How Much I Love You, directed together with film maker Pepe Mora, for his pop project Bipolares, más o menos.

As a music producer, he has worked on Manu Tenorio’s new CD (En Primera Persona) with Fidel Cordero. He has also worked on the project of the artist Barón-Ya-Buklu ; on the CD Voces por Mali, with the help of the singer Ana Torroja and the group Jarabe de Palo, for Voices Foundation, of which he is a member and whose aim is to promote culture as a means of fighting against poverty and social exclusion. In this regard, he has cooperated in the artistic management of a collection of eight solidary songs composed and performed by Spanish and international artists on behalf of the Millennium Development Objectives.

As a live and recording musician, he has accompanied on the piano or keyboards, not only well-known artists such as Julio Iglesias, El Dúo Dinámico, Bertín Osborne and José Vélez, but also new generation ones, such as Manu Tenorio, Nena Daconte, or The Refrescos, among others.
His latest project is the recording of his band Bipolares, más o menos’ first CD, with the collaboration of famous singers. The band, whose members have already performed on the best Spanish tours, has not a specific musical style. On the contrary, they may change their musical concept in order to search for something different. How Can I Say How Much I Love You is their presentation theme, performed by Lluvia Rojo (No Band For Lluvia). The video clip, produced and directed by himself, can be seen on the following link:

– My composition “Cuatro acordes para expresarme. Por un desarrollo sostenible”, played by the pianist Isabel Pérez Dobarro on Friday, September 15 in Minneapolis – Forum de Premios Nobel de la Paz.

– Named“Beverly Hills Symphony International Composer In Residence,music Curator”. There the music will be performed  “Sinfonía por un mundo mejor”